• Services

    shutterstock_82478056Metropolitan Housing Development Corporation is a full service development company. We provide:

    Building and Development

    Metropolitan Housing Development Corporation develops and rehabs housing for low-income individuals and families, including the elderly and people with disabilities. Our team of specialists provides expert planning, market research, feasibility analysis, financial packaging, and construction management. MHDC works with various federal, state, and local government agencies and their programs, as well as with private financial institutions and programs, including HUD, IHDA, HOME, CDBG, and LIHPRHA. MHDC also works in collaboration with local and national organizations to develop housing that is appropriate for the community.

    Property Management and Resident Services

    Property management is provided through Resident Management Services, Inc. (RMS), a wholly-owned for profit affiliate corporation.RMS currently manages hundreds of units of both subsidized and market rate housing. Resident Management Services, Inc. takes a holistic approach to property management – understanding that the goals of the owner and a solid financial return are best achieved when residents are satisfied and the physical asset is well maintained. Resident Management Services, Inc. supports professional site managers through training, operational, and computer technology. Resident Management Services, Inc. also facilitates a broad range of social services for residents based upon the needs within the community. Community services are offered in conjunction with local organizations to avoid duplication.

    Technical Assistance and Consulting

    shutterstock_176087474As a technical assistance provider, we consult with other not-for-profit organizations, local governments, and private developers, sharing our expertise in planning, feasibility studies, architectural design, governmental and private grant resources, and financial packaging.